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SUAE BIN's Story

Suae Bin : Coconut flower vinegar is the main product of the Thaiudomfoods Industrial Company. Our company was started in 1945 by Buckteng Saetung, who used to work as a middleman selling Asian condiments in the southern part of China. After his family immigrated to Thailand, he started a coconut farm in the Samutprakarn province, where our current factory is still located. Next he came up with the idea of making coconut vinegar by fermenting it in a ceramic pot, as had traditionally be done in China. A ceramic pot gives a distinctive and unique flavour that is completely different from modern methods and thus our vinegar tastes unlike any other.


The combination of Thai local ingredients, such as coconut flower sap, with old Chinese wisdom, was so successful that substantial equipment and a myriad of ceramic pots from the Ratchaburi province had to be ordered to keep up with the ever rising demand. First local people were recruited to start making coconut flower sap vinegar, then a small vinegar factory was established in 1947. We started off with supplying small local foods vendors and then expanded to food industries. When our coconut farm in the Samutprakarn province couldn’t keep up with the demand for coconut sap anymore,  Chanchai Rutpongsopit, the grandson of the founder and current owner, decided to acquire more coconut farms in the Samut Sakhon province and expanded the factory yet again.


Today, we still uphold the ancient tradition that gives our vinegar its unique taste, while applying modern quality control standards.

Over 80 years of tradition

a vinegar story with a unique flavour.

The Masters

no1 founder.png

Mr. Buckteng Saetung

(1947 - 1965)


no 2.png

Mr. Boonchai Rutpongsopit

(1965 - 1982)

2nd generation

no3 mydad.png

Mr. Chanchai Rutpongsopit

(1982 - present)

3rd generation

3 generations

3 Things We Believe In

what we believe


Traditional Method

We still use the same traditional fermentation method as 80 years ago, because no modern technology can give us the same quality.  Fermentation in ceramic pots only gives this unique flavour if supervised by skilled vinegar masters. So we are preserving old wisdom, local skills and craftsmanship passed down from our ancestors.


Quality Ingredients,

Community and Sustainability

The best vinegar requires the best quality ingredient. That is the reason why we started growing our own coconuts in the Samutsakorn province. We selected our coconut species specifically to be non-genetically modified (Non-GMO). The coconuts are grown year round so that we can always fulfil market demand. Moreover we taught the local farmers how to grow coconuts in a sustainable way and thus generate more income for themselves while also preserving the environment. We believe a good company has a social responsibility towards the people it works with and the land it cultivates. 


Standard and Safety

We control every step in the production process to make sure that the vinegar is up to the highest quality standard. Chemical and biological testing are done in both our in-house lab and outsourced. That way we can guarantee our clients and partners the absolute safety of our products. At the same time we offer annual safety training for our employees, together with all the safety equipment they require, such as eye-shields, masks and gloves. 

Our Clients


and food vendors



Guaranteed Standards

FDA by Thailand Ministry of Public Health

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) by TISTR **excellent level**

Non-GMO (Non-genetically modified organism) from annual report

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